Build A Container Home

container01When it comes to building a home from a shipping container there are many things you must consider. You’ve probably already searched various websites for guidance however many of the other Online guides miss out several very important steps.

You see, safety is a huge factor when building a container home. I mean, you’re probably going to have friends and family living in your container at some point!

And that’s why you need to follow a guide you can trust. Not some dodgy You Tube video.

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World of Warcraft – In-Game Guides for World of Warcraft


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Zygor’s Guide Review:

Nothing can bring the fun of a game to an end faster than finding yourself lost, not knowing where to go, getting killed because monsters are too powerful, or having to grind endless mobs to gain levels. For all of these reasons in-game leveling guides have really become a lifesaver for millions of players. If you’re new to the leveling guide scene, these are basically addon based guides that plug into the game and walk you through an optimized questing route that levels you faster than you ever would just going at it on your own.
When it comes to guide makers one of the most popular brands is Zygor Guides. For years now, they have been creating in-game guides for World of Warcraft and The Elder Scrolls Online. Most recently they put out a guide for WildStar and I was fortunate enough to secure a review copy. In this review I was breakdown all the major aspects of leveling guides, from how easy it was to setup, how good the guide content was, what features it has, how well it works on existing characters, and how could the technical support and community is. Lets see if Zygor’s 1-50 WildStar is worth your money.

Installing Zygor Guides was a fairly straightforward process. They have their very own desktop application which will automatically install the guides for you. The nice thing about the application is that you can keep it running in the background and it will notify you anytime there are new updates. Considering how often MMO’s get changed in patches this is a really useful feature for making sure you’re always running the most up to date version of the guides. One other nice touch is that the same application allows you to manage any Zygor product you buy, even for other games, so if you decide to try out Zygor’s other products for WoW or ESO you’re able to use the same client to manage those guides as well.

Content and Leveling Speed

Zygor’s WildStar Leveling Guide is available for both factions in WildStar, Exiles and the Dominon. Each guide is designed to take you from level 1 all the way to level 50 using an “optimized questing path” which takes you on a predetermined route doing specific quests guaranteed to offer the most XP. The guide does give you some freedom though. At certains sections in the game you’re given a choice of which zone you’d like to go to next. Zygor’s Guide has a suggested path for this but if you decide to go to a different zone the guide will still work there.

For this review I followed Zygor’s Guide to the letter and did not deviate with any side tasks or activties. I was able to reach level 50 in just 2 days 12 hours /played time.
Software and Features
The guide has two basic parts, the Guide Viewer, which displays the steps of the guide and tracks your progress, and the Waypoint Arrow, a 3D arrow that floats on the screen and points towards the location of the current step.
I’ve tried other leveling guides before and they tend to be too minimalist, giving me hardly any details and being hard to follow, or too ugly and bloated, taking up a huge chunk of the screen, with very little options to customize it. Zygor strikes a nice balance between both preferences.

They’ve actually refined the waypointing system from the last time I used Zygor Guides as it now gives a readout of the current objective right under the arrow so for the minimalists out there you could literally hide the Guide Viewer and just follow the arrow the whole time.

Of course, the biggest deal breaker question is whether the guide will work on existing characters already leveled partially without a guide because no one wants to start over from scratch. Zygor’s solution for this is their Smart Injection System which looks at your quest history and automatically skips over any steps you’ve already completed stopping at the best place for you to start. I tried this on my level 31 character and was amazed at how easily I was able to begin questing with the guide with no problems.

Technical Support and Community
So far the only issue I encountered was getting the guide to work with other map addons and within a day of notifying Zygor they added compatability with third party map addons. The support on their forums has been top notch which helps gives you the peace of mind knowing that if you do encounter any problems there will be someone there to help you promptly.

Final Thoughts and Score:

Building from their years of experience making feature packed guides for World of Warcraft, and adding a few new surprises along the way, Zygor’s first foray into WildStar is easily the best guide Zygor has ever released. With this release for WildStar, Zygor has proven themselves to be the goto source for the highest quality in-game strategy guides anywhere around. 10/10

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The ‘Smurfs’ That Can Control Your Phone Without You Knowing, According to Snowden!

What ‘smurfs’ have to do with your cell phone? According to Edward Snowden, the former intelligence agent who has made public details of espionage by the US government, they control your device better than you.

151007090207_smurfs_624x351_bbc_nocreditThe blue cartoon characters would have been used by the intelligence services to name devices used by them to monitor activity on cell phones.
These mechanisms have the ability to meet your handset, record your conversations, take a picture or locate it, transferring the information to the intelligence services. According to Snowden, this technique was used by the British intelligence service GCHQ.

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Effortless Email

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Fat Burning Soup Recipes For Weight Loss | Cabbage Soup


Q: Is Fat Burning Soup Recipes for men, women…or both?
A: Regardless of your age, your gender, or your eating background, Fat Burning Soup Recipes help you lose weight. Our recipes help you consume fewer calories and help you expend more calories than you consume which is essential for weight loss, while keeping you satisfied so you never feel hungry or starved.

Q: Can these recipes help me lose more than 30, 40 or 50 pounds?
A: It doesn’t matter if you want to lose 5 pounds or 50 pounds (or more!), Our recipes will help you achieve your ideal body weight. But for starting any diet or exercise program it is recommended that you consult a physician especially if you plan to dramatically lose weight.

Q: Am I going to have to buy fancy, expensive and hard to find ingredients to create my Fat burning soup recipes?
A: We understand that some of you may have limited access to certain foods based on where you live but we can assure you that each of our recipes uses commonly found foods that anyone should be able to find at their supermarket.

The big thing to remember is that most people had no idea that the combination of these foods had such a strong and natural fat burning properties. Our ebook will reveal this to you.


Q: Am I going to have to spend hours in the kitchen every day?
A: These recipes were created with busy people in mind, so most of our recipes will only need a few minutes to prepare and cook. You can also cook the soup in advance or in batches and just reheat them when you are ready to eat them.

Q: I have no idea how to cook, is Fat Burning Soup Recipes still for me?
A: If you can use a microwave or fry an egg then you can prepare our recipes. All of our recipes feature a step by step guide so they are practically screw-up proof.

Q: Is it going to cost me an arm and a leg in groceries to prepare these fat burning recipes?
A: The exact opposite, you will actually save money by eating our recipes as some of our recipes cost only about $1 dollar per serving!

Q: I am more than 40 years old, will your recipes still work for someone considerably older?
A: Definitely! Not only will our recipes help you lose weight but you will also feel younger, have younger looking skin and also have more energy!


Q: What if it doesn’t work for me?
A: The way we see it if does not work for you then we insist that you get a refund!

Your order is backed up by our 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee.

Your order can be automatically refunded on your account, You don’t even have to contact us!

Test it for yourself. Experience the results for yourself. And if it’s not everything I’ve told you it is, I’ll give you a full refund and allow you to keep the entire system just for giving it an honest try.

Now THAT is a more-than-fair deal, don’t you agree?

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Imeye – The Revolutionary New Internet Marketing Tool That Spotlights The Cash-Rich Markets

IMeyeA revolutionary new way to find profitable markets and niches by making keyword research “smart” and not relying on you to accidentally find decent opportunities!

What about tools like Keywordspy and Spyfu etc.? Is IMeye like those?

Absolutely not.

IMeye uses a proprietary method of gathering the BEST keywords out there, doing all the analysis and research on them (before you even start searching!!(?)) …and then stores them in a HUGE database ready for your use.

Keywordspy and Spyfu really work the same as any other keyword tool… in other words they don’t do the analysis for you in the same way… and you still need some kind of “seed” whether it’s a domain or a keyword or something like that… you can’t just have it find keyword opportunities without pointing it in a direction.

What we’re basically saying is this….The difference is that with IMEye… You don’t find keywords… they find you!